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Be a daughter of your mother-in-law

After a marriage girl have to relate with so many relationship. But the most important is Mother-in-law. Most of the time its very difficult to handle this relationship. Why? why she is always husband's mother,why not your mother.
BY:Rajesh Sahu

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Two women love one man but can't love each other. Who are that three people? The man is your husband and your mother-in law's son. And the two women is daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. If we remove this 'in-law' then ? Then there is only mother and daughter.
love her as you love your own mother, be clear, honest, and calm about your needs and desires. Gracefully and humbly admit it if you've made a mistake, such as expecting too much or trying to control your husband's mother's actions or personality. Respect your mother in law's opinions, wisdom, age, and experience. Build a good relationship. Let your husband – her son – discuss big issues with her. Pay attention to your mother in law's needs and wishes. A great daughter in law considers others' desires. Ask your mother in law to join your world! Invite her to take a walk, yoga class, or art gallery tour with you. Change your environment, and you may change your daughter in law relationship. Accept that personality conflicts happen, and learn to live with differences of opinion, perspective, and culture. A great daughter in law knows and accepts who she is.

These "daughter in law do's and don't's" could give you a great relationship with your husband's mother. Getting along with your mother in law may be easier than you think, especially if you're clear and firm about your expectations. Building a good relationship with your mother in law is easier if you're nice to her.

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