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World Heart Day: Time to wake up!

With the world celebrating the World Heart Day recently on 29 September 2012, lets check a few facts and how to keep our hearts healthy!
BY:Laxminarayan Chandrashekar

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29 September 2012 was celebrated as World Heart Day . It’s no secret that India is one of leading heart disease capital of world with annual death of about 20 lakhs arising out of heart complication. Sedentary lifestyle, high fat intake, imbalanced diet and lack of exercise are primary contributors to the increase in heart diseases in India. And the alarming fact is that even younger population are falling prey to this inevitable disease.

Once, it was believed that men were in a higher risk category as compared to women in case of heart diseases are concerned. But, as per recent study conducted by a group, even women face same or even higher chance of getting a heart disease. Ignorance and lack of awareness was cited as primary reason for this trend.

To improve your lifestyle and avoid heart diseases, follow these simple yet effective tips:
1. Have a balanced diet and cut out excessive fat and carbohydrate/refined foods intake. GReen vegetables, fruits, grains and leafy vegetables should be consumed more as compared to processed and refined foods.
2. Ensure to maintain your weight within the healthy limits by avoiding binge eating or crash dieting.
3. Quit smoking and alcoholism as they have multiple hazards.
4. Exercise at least for 30 mins daily or target at least for 5 days in a week.
5. Practice meditation and yoga to avoid unnecessary stress and depression.
6. Medical check up is necessary and should be regularly undertaken to mitigate any early signs of heart diseases.
7. Unwind yourself occasionally by heading out for some vacation, listening to soothing music and make your head stress free.

Following these simple yet effective tips, one can easily control and enhance once lifestyle and prevent any early onset of heart diseases.

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