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Origami as a hobby

Hobbies are something which gives us some time to unwind and do something we truly love doing. So, in this article lets try to explore the world of Origami.
BY:Laxminarayan Chandrashekar

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Having a hobby is important as a kid since it develops special skills apart from the regular academics. Also, indulging in a good hobby relaxes the mind and makes it ready to face all the challenges that lie ahead tomorrow. There are several hobbies which one can pursue based on the interest of the individual. In this article, we shall explore the creative world of origami as a form of creative and indulging hobby.

Origami is an ancient Japanese paper folding art which involves artistic folding of papers into several forms and creating miniatures of various things in this world like birds, animals, objects etc. The best part of origami is that there is no need to buy any expensive accessories to pursue this art. Just a few square papers and some creativity, you are ready to step into the art of origami.

Origami involves a series of basic origami folds which can be build upon to create many complex structures. Following are the basic origami folds: Sinks, Pleats, Squash folds, Reverse folds and Valley and Mountain fold. These basic folds create the foundation of the initial stage and later needs to be modified with additional folds as necessary to obtain the desired structure. Also, similar to the folds, there a few standard bases like the fish base, bird base etc are used as intermediate stage while building the larger structure.

For beginners, one can buy a set of origami papers and books from market and start creating simple objects and then gradually move to more challenging ones later. Also, a wide range of information on various origami related topics can be found on Internet with step by step guide as well.

So, start exploring your creative side today with Origami!

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