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What a Man wants

This article is suppose to help women make their relationship better and to prove to be a better partner. This will tell them about things that matter the most to men and help them deal with situations that occur frequently in a relationship.

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Starting with a new relationship and want it to be the best one of your life. What is it that you ought to do to make him love and cherish you forever? Here are a few things you ought to know that help you and him go a long way.

Here is what a man wants his woman to be

Someone who respects him: Respect him and listen to what he wants to say. While it is possible you may not agree with everything he says, there are subtle and polite ways of telling him you don’t agree instead of just rolling your eyes or telling him he is crazy.

Someone who believes in his capabilities: Man, by nature, is a provider and protector; it is a part of their mental make-up. Therefore he seeks a woman who will believe in his capabilities, talents, skills and decisions and support him through thick and thin.

Someone to Understand His moods : Men talk much less than women. Sometimes your guy may not be in the mood to talk or even listen to you. If you attempt to communicate with him at such a time, he may get even more annoyed or go into his shell.

someone who accepts them for what they are:Love is all about accepting your spouse as they are without wanting to change them. You cannot make a relationship successful when you don’t accept a person’s sense of self or individuality

Sexy, hot, but not slutty: That’s right, men like it when you turn the head of every guy in the room, as long as you are on his arm and let everyone know it. Don’t ever flirt with his guy friends, and always make sure you let him know he’s the apple of your eye.

These are a few things that would make him feel that you are his true partner. He will cherish you more and with time you would know all the effort was worth it.

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