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The Danger Beyond the Woods

Story of a princess..

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"But its not even dark yet", the princess retorted, knowing only too well that her retorts held no ground. For, I had clear instructions "THE PRINCESS MUST FACE NO DANGER". And danger lurked in the woods. Though the woods had been cleared of all animals, thorns and every bit that could harm the princess. Still.. The woods were accessible to the COMMONERS. The real people, who were not instructed to bite their tongues whenever around the princess, who would tell her about the adventures that lay beyond the woods and the castle, for the princess shall not face any danger. She would never know of friendship, and love that existed beyond the cobwebs of family, the love she could choose, she would know nothing of misery and pain that surrounded the world, of the pain of missing your beloved. She would always be protected, for, she was the princess. "Hurry up or the guards would come looking", I shouted. With hunched shoulders and a sullen smile, the princess followed cause she knew only obedience. "Tara, Would you tell me what lies beyond these woods once again please?" the princess asked looking at me expectantly. She was an attentive listener, nodding at the right places, asking the necessary details. And i did not have the heart to refuse lest she be hurt. "Danger, my princess. Danger is what lies ahead." I replied cause this is what i had the right to tell her. "But, what dangers, Tara" and i would give the answer that i had been told to. And she would tremble in fear and clutch my arm and i would caress her face and say "It lies beyond the woods.. In the castle you are safe". And she would be lost in thoughts and thank her parents for they had protected her from the danger that lay beyond these woods...

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