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Nail art now becomes more personal

Fashion is changing day by day.We want new and trendy things for us. Now there's a new fad in town - printing pictures of people you like on your nails.
BY:Rajesh Sahu

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There's a new fad in town - printing pictures of people you like on your nails. First started by singer Katy Perry, who wore Prince William and Kate's pictures on her fingernails during the royal wedding, she also showed President Barack Obama's face on her nails during a fundraiser event this September. Many young women in metros are trying it out, mostly getting their boyfriends' pictures printed on their nails.

Divya Dutta, who has heard of the new fad, says, "I'm always trying out fun stuff on my nails like different shades on each nail, including wild, fluorescent hues too. I think having a photo now is like replacing the love tattoo." So, whose photo is she going to wear on her nails? "Well, I'm single right now, but I'm sure I'd put my guy's picture there. For now, I'll have my own picture put on," she smiles.

Actress Tena Desae who recently tried the photo nail trend says nails are a conversation point for people like her. "I love flaunting the photos on my hands and it really gets attention. I tend to wear unusual colours and designs on my nails - I've gone sober to jazzy and had different prints painted on in the past and found the photo technique to be a totally different idea! I've mixed a photo with different other pictures to match. Once this wears off, I'll get another set of photos put again," she declares.

A person is made to sit in front of the camera of the nail art machine and their photo is clicked. After that, they have to put their nails under the scanner. The photo prints on the nails almost automatically, after which one has to leave it to dry.

Cosmetologist Dr Jayshree Manchanda says, "It takes 15 to 30 minutes for this procedure, depending on whether it's done on real or artificial nails. It's advisable to get a manicure done first, then the photo nail art. If you want to remove the photo, you simply do so with a nail polish remover."

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