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I am very tired of being prettified: Tisca Chopra

Tisca Chopra on how her quest for doing 'good-scary' roles makes her hard to cast
BY:Rajesh Sahu

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Tisca Chopra on how her quest for doing 'good-scary' roles makes her hard to cast How she got into acting I did theatre as part of college, and we thought we were resident geniuses, but when you think of what you actually came up with, it was really abysmal writing. We did writing, sets, costume, makeup, everything. I've been acting since I was two-and-a-half. My parents were teachers, and they didn't have anyone to play Krishna in one of their school plays. So I was put on stage, told 'walk till here and then stand and then go'. I refused to budge from the spotlight. I loved the stage.

The plan was to do Masters after graduation, and if everybody had their way, I would have, but I had other plans. I wanted to act. I moved to Mumbai, under the pretext of studying Advertising at Xavier's, which I did, but that was just a cover. I didn't finish the course. I got offers almost straight away, first mainly for advertisements, though.

On advertisements

My choice of films has always been very independent, and not necessarily based on the kind of money I might be making from a film, so advertising certainly sponsors my choice in films. Advertising has some great people; fun, bright, happy people. And it's a short commitment, you get in and get out. In the cosmos of my existence, ads pay the bills and are fun, films are passion supreme, TV anchoring and hosting has unparalleled reach and live shows are fantastic to keep one on one's toes, and theatre is the time to get one's butt kicked. It's great training.

The films she wants to do

I have always been fearless in my choice of roles. And it doesn't enter my mind to think about old, young, thin, fat, male, female. For me, it's always exciting to get something I haven't done before. I am frankly very tired of being prettified. Advertising also does that, and then one is born with a certain gene pool and with a certain collection of molecules that arranges itself in a certain way that lends itself to be appealing to the eye, but what my heart desires is to go into areas where I haven't gone before and to see how that works. That's my quest.

A story must do something to me, uplift, enlighten, engage, and hopefully all together. But if it doesn't, I don't see why I should attach myself to something for a year. And frankly, I am becoming worse. I am not getting any easier. I will hum and haw and not do something if I am not convinced. About films, I am extremely picky. It makes it worse for the people who want to cast me.

For instance, I think it would be so challenging to play an extremely perverse character. That is exciting. Like I said, I do not have stereotypes in my head. It doesn't enter my scheme of things. So if someone asks me to play a man, a vamp, a paraplegic, a deaf-mute or anything, or Sarojini Naidu or Indira Gandhi, anything that I haven't done, I will do it. The scarier it is, the better it is. It's good-scary. Ultimately, why are you here if you keep repeating yourself?

Want to going back to TV?

There wouldn't be the time to go back to TV because I am getting the kind of work I want to do in films. Also, in soaps, unfortunately, the quality is not cutting edge, not like American television, like, say Grey's Anatomy, or Homeland. I have an international film coming up, called Kissa, and I am currently shooting for Ankur Arora Murder Case, which is a thriller.

On Hindu College

My father was my school principal, and that was awful, so for me, coming out of that and coming to DU was a huge relief because I was on my own and nobody was watching me. Imagine, when I was at home, I was always under the watchful eye of my father - he was my principal and my maths teacher. My mother was the headmistress. So for me, college was where I could breathe. I had the time of my life here; Hindu College rocked. It was a time of enormous freedom. I topped the university, I did really well, because I was doing what I wanted to do (English Literature).

About her book

My book is tentatively called Get Your Act Together, it's about the film industry, but it's not an expose. It should be out in hopefully the first quarter of next year. I am also editing my husband's book, which is called Talespin.

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