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Jai Ho Movie review

The concept of corruption isn't new for Bollywood movies. With the society plagued with this epidemic, so it is natural that the producers have used the corruption to give cult hits. Sohail Khan's “Jai Ho” uses this same funda of corruption, but in a new and unique way. And, the charge o
BY:Rohit Bhardwaj

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Sohail Khan's “Jai Ho” uses this same funda of corruption, but in a new and unique way. And, the charge on screen is led by Sohail's enigmatic brother Salman Khan.

Introduction Jai Agnihotri (Salman Khan) is a retired army officer who has simple aim in life to help those in need and encourage others to do so. And, this circle of humanitarian benevolent people slowly expands with everyone trying to help needy. But this move doesn't go well with local politician (Danny Dezongpa) who in order to break the backbone of the movement targets Jai's mother (Nadira Babbar) and sister Geeta (Tabu). Jai isn't one to backdown, he takes fight to his enemies with his movement following him.

Actor Performance The star of the movie as expected is Salman Khan. With his swagger and simplicity he completely dominates the movie. His generosity is endearing and his aggression is truly entertaining. With such a virtuoso performance, he surely is going to lead his younger brother's movie successfully on the box office. The debutant Daisy Shah has also done a decent job in her limited role.

Veteran villain Danny has returned to screen in negative avtar after a long hiatus. He successfully plays the role of corrupt, ruthless politician. Other actors Suniel Shetty, Ashmit Patel, Bruna Abdullah, Yash Tonk and Sana Khan have also done a commendable job in the movie.

Positive Points The concept of the movie which is based on building a chain of generous and philanthropic individuals is refreshing. The action scenes featuring Salman Khan in a bone crushing role are nicely shot. The fights scenes are efficiently choreographed and are adequately used without overburdening the movie with them. The background score by Sandeep Shirodkar is also brilliant.

Negative Points The movie is little lacking in innovation and script development. Sohail solely relies on Salman to carry the movie, the responsibility which Salman capably shoulders.

Verdict A must watch for Salman and Danny fans. And, the concept of the movie makes it an interesting watch for others as well.

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