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3D of Life By Pankaj Gupta: An IT Professional's tale by an IT Professi

3D of Life covers minuscule expect of protagonist's life who is an IT professional and enjoying his today's life but has an interesting hidden past. I am sure, one can enjoy each and every step of this story as one can correlate some or the other incident of this story to his past.
BY:Pankaj Mathur

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Whenever anyone, not having much insight about IT professional's life, look at them, they always consider them as one of the luckiest lot of their time as they admire their white-collar job, their salaries and their international exposure for short and long durations. Their families look at it differently as they always find someone who is either glued on their laptop or on call having slightest time for them. When they look at themselves, they find themselves always stressed with the stringent project timelines, not getting growth compare to their colleagues, longer working hours to match up with various time zones.

In all perspective, no one really looks at the past as everyone is in hurry in today's life. As there is a say that "Whatever effort we did yesterday, we have our today and whatever effort we will do today, we will have our tomorrow", we never want to look back and appreciate our efforts and start admiring ourselves rather than cursing ourselves.

"3D of Life" is fiction book by Pankaj Gupta, This story is an effort to look at the life of an IT professional and stitch a word around him and showcase that whatever he is today, is because of his efforts and support from his near and dear in past. This is a story of a protagonist who comes from a small-town middle-class family and has many dreams and goals that he wants to achieve, but life forces him to slow down the velocity, and take a look at other essential dimensions of life. He struggles to find a balance among his love, responsibility, and dreams.

In this balancing act, he reaches a stage where he has to choose one over the other. This leaves him open to understand and experience some important lessons that life teaches; most importantly, in the end, he understands, “You don’t get anything till you are willing to sacrifice something in return.”

“3D of Life” is not just a book but a life tale, which touches the hearts of a million Indians.

Pankaj Gupta is an IT professional and having 20 years of working experience in various industries like Consulting, Manufacturing, BPO and Telecom covering various technologies and roles. You can connect with him on Facebook , Twitter and GooglePlus
Book is now available on Flipkart and Amazon.

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