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Ileana D'Cruz on Living Life on Her Own Terms

I have a major shoe fetish!" announces an excited Ileana, inspecting the numerous pairs lined at the Cosmo cover shoot, searching for the perfect pair

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"Every single stylist I've worked with knows how crazy I am about shoes. I've even lost count of the number of pairs I own!"

Channeling the #CozyGirl movement in brown pyjamas and a green T-shirt, Ileana has arrived straight off the sets of Happy Ending, her next movie opposite Saif Ali Khan, and can't stop talking about the life-altering experience. "It was a required, and refreshing change working with [Directors] Raj [Nidimoru] and [Krishna] DK. Their approach to movies is so real and conversational. Working with Saif was a great learning too! He's great to have on set, and gave me many useful tips during scenes where he thought I wasn't giving my 100%."

Cosmo: So, what has been your biggest take away from Happy Ending?

Ileana D'Cruz: "Every film gives you a new perspective and way to look at things. For this movie, I had to unlearn a lot-like act without making it look like acting. And that was tricky! Especially when my last movie was Main Tera Hero, where everything was so over the top."

C: Tell us, what is it that makes Ileana different?

IDC: "I wish I had a really profound answer for this, but all I can say is that I believe in being myself. I'd promised myself before coming to the industry that I wouldn't lose my individuality. And I've stuck to it."

C: Where do you see your career five years later?

IDC: "I don't like planning, so I don't know! In a weird way, I like not knowing what's going to happen next. I like things to take me by surprise. I have an idea of where I'm headed, but I don't like to plan."

C: What do you usually do on your off days?

IDC: "Working in the film industry gets to you in a way that you get used to having everything done for you, and bceome dependant on people. So on my off days, I like to stay as disconnected as possible. I do everything- cooking, cleaning, organising, on my own. It's therapeutic and keeps me 'real' and grounded. Other than that, I enjoy being a couch potato."

C: There are perks, we know, but what is the toughest thing about being famous?

IDC: "The fact that there your private life is always under scrutiny. And that people feel they have a right to say anything. And that's annoying-I may be famous, but you don't have a right to tell me how to live my life."

C: Do you ever get insecure?

IDC: "Yes, of course! But that's a reality check that hits you when you ask yourself, 'Am I doing enough? Am I working hard? What else can I do to get better?'"

C: Do you think two actresses can be friends?

IDC: "I didn't think it was possible initially, but Nargis [Fakhri] and I have gotten along extremely well. But, there are other times when you don't want to be nice and instead be crappy with someone, but you have to be fake and be sweet and mature about the situation and just smile and wave like penguins."

C: Let's talk boys...what do you look for in a guy?

IDC: "I've figured that there are three things required to create a lasting relationship-trust, you've got to be able to trust the person; respect, because if you don't respect each other as individuals, you can't trust them; and love, which stems from the former two. Though I don't have a mental checklist, I like men who are genuine, have a good sense of humour and are intelligent."

C: And what would be your deal breaker?

IDC: "Oh, there are lots of them-poor hygiene is one. And dishonesty, of course!"

C: Do you ever have vain moments in life?

IDC: "No! In fact, I find it extremely hard to accept compliments from people. I don't really believe it when people tell me that I'm looking good. I've always had issues with my body and being vain isn't something that has happened a lot."

C: What's your fail-safe, sexy-dressing strategy?

IDC: "I'm very particular about what I wear. I love wearing form-flattering or classic sheath dresses on days I want to look hot-I think they're classic and sexy, and not too revealing at the same time."

C: Who are some of the other actresses you think are sexy in the industry?

IDC: "I'd say Kajol! And in the current lot, Deepika [Padukone] and Katrina [Kaif] are beautiful women."

C: And who do you think has a promising future?

IDC: "I'd say Alia [Bhatt]. She has this spark, and is so confident and comfortable with herself. I love that about her!"

C: Okay, last question: what's your biggest beauty secret?

IDC: "It's really simple, actually. For glowing skin, get enough sleep, and exercise as much as possible."

Reproduced From Cosmopolitan. © 2014. All rights reserved.

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