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Tools to manage your communication

These are just some of the tools which you can use for effective communication. There are a number of such tools which make life very easy if used efficiently.
BY:jaikishan sharma

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In the last few days, we shared various tips to manage and design your next communication plan including techniques for effective emailing, making winning presentation and for designing your social media strategy. We understand that it is easier said than done.

So as the last blog in this series, we would like to share with you some tools that will help you manage and gauge the effectiveness of your communication:

– Yesware:

If you are a salesperson then this is the tool for you. This free email plugin for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers allows the sender of an email to actually track when his or her mail was opened, on what device (desktop, laptop or mobile), schedule emails and which links were clicked in the mail. It also allows one to create customised templates and integrate the messages with CRM system. Companies like Motorola are using this tool extensively.

- Rapportive:

This contact management gmail plugin is very useful for those who live a quarter of their life on their inbox and three quarters on their outbox. This tool creates a sidebar on your gmail which pulls information from a person’s LinkedIn account. So if your boss asks you to send a quick proposal to Mr X who is completely unknown to you, you can instantly come to know about his work experience, designation etc.

– Bitly:

If you think Bitly is only for shortening your long urls then you have under-estimated the power of this tool. It allows one to not only shorten the links but also to monitor the link statistics, bundle links according to different themes, links to your WordPress to automatically generate bitmarks.

– Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used tools to measure your communication through your website or blog. Google Analytics gives a comprehensive report on how your online property is behaving, from which geographical location you are getting the maximum traffic, at what time of the day and through which platforms. Yes the report is that comprehensive!

– DocSend:

So one of the problems that you have always faced is that you have spent nights writing that proposal or making that presentation but you never came to know if somebody read them or not and if somebody did then which part of it. DocSend is a blessing in disguise if you have always been confused about sending documents. This comprehensive document toolbox allows you to know when was your document read, forwarded or how much was it read and how much time was spent on each slide. You can create multiple links for a number of people or for a group of people.

These are just some of the tools which you can use for effective communication. There are a number of such tools which make life very easy if used efficiently. If you know some of these tools then share with us in the comment box.

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