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Companies In India That Take Great Care Of Their

With Godrej Group’s decision of uncapping the sick leave quota for its 4,000 employees, many other companies are now inspired to do so. Today, many companies are going out of their way to keep their employees happy. Here are 10 such, who are creating a friendly work environment for their employees
BY:Rohit Bhardwaj

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Apart from great maternity benefits, Flipkart has rolled out a paternity policy as well for its employees. For the male employees, the company will give 10 days’ paternity leave either before the child is born or within six months after the child is born. For the first three months, they can also opt for working four hours at office and then completing the rest of their work from home.


Keeping in mind that sharing is caring, Accenture India has introduced a policy called ‘Hours That Help’, which allows employees to donate their leaves to their colleagues. Recently, the multinational firm has also dumped annual performance reviews and has developed a more fluid system where employees will receive honest, timely feedback from their managers.


When it comes to taking care of its employees, Google aces. From meals to recreational activities, Google employees get the best. Apart from work, the company also encourages their employees to pursue their hobbies and hidden talents. Fridays are the best as the company hosts TGIF happy hours at 4 pm, where employees get together to socialise and unwind.

Tata Teleservices Limited

TTSL has taken things even further and completely scrapped its attendance policy. There are no mandatory card swipes or daily attendance sheets to monitor attendance. The idea here is to give employees an opportunity to focus more on their goals and productivity rather than fretting over attendance.


BHEL has a great reputation of retaining their employees for years. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited offers its employees flexible work roles where they can also choose to manage other verticals. So if you’re an engineer and are interested in finance too, you can look into both areas. Apart from this policy, the company also has commendable perks that cover accommodation and relevant training.

Marriot Hotels India

The employees at Marriot are addressed as ‘associates’ and not employees. With over 5,000 employees, Marriot encourages its associates by giving them incentives in the form of a trip to any of their international properties. The associates are so happy working at Marriot that their spouses and parents write thankful letters to the managers to express their gratitude.

SAP Labs India One of the largest software vendors, SAP Labs has a friendly working culture where hierarchies are not that important. SAP takes great care of their women employees by offering them additional, extended maternity leave and cab transportation during and post pregnancy. The company also has a work-from-home policy where employees can work from home once in a week. The organisation also has various groups which introduce activities like drama, music, art and dance to their employees

Coca Cola India If you join Coca Cola India, there is no room for stagnancy because the company sees to it that you successfully climb the ladder of growth. The company has development programmes such as Pegasus, Chrysalis and Core, which train the employees and prepare them to grow. The company also has a great commitment towards diversity at workplace and has given women more preference for key positions. The company also believes in young talent and hones their skills in the best ways possible.

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