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Best Transport in India

India, as the second largest country in Asia, requires visitors to give some thought as to how to get from place to place.Public transport remains the primary mode of transport for most of the population, and India's public transport systems are among the most heavily used in the world.
BY:Rohit Bhardwaj

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Transport is an important part of India's economy. Since the economic liberalisation of the 1990s, infrastructure development has progressed rapidly; today there are a variety of modes of transport by land, water and air. However, India's relatively low GNP per capita has meant that access to transport has not been uniform.

Public transport remains the primary mode of transport for most of the population, and India's public transport systems are among the most heavily used in the world.India's rail network is the 4th longest and the most heavily used system in the world, transporting 8,224 million passengers and over 969 million tonnes of freight annually, as of 2012.

Despite ongoing improvements in the sector, several aspects of the transport sector are still riddled with problems due to outdated infrastructure and lack of investment in less economically active parts of the country.

The Delhi Metro is a metro system serving New Delhi and its satellite cities of Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad of the National Capital Region in India. Delhi Metro has been ranked second among 18 international Metro systems in terms of overall customer satisfaction in an online customer survey. According to a DMRC official, in the survey conducted among the commuters of those Metro systems by Global Metro Benchmarking Groups NOVA and CoMET, Delhi Metro along with London DLR and Bangkok were the best three performers in the Net Promoters Score (NPS) category. Delhi Metro is also the world's 13th largest metro system in terms of length and 15th largest in terms of number of stations.

As of July 2015, DMRC operates around 3000 trips daily between 05:30 till 00:00 running with an interval of between 1-2 minutes between trains at peak frequency, and 5-10 minutes at non-peak hours. The trains are usually of four and six coaches, but due to increase in the number of passengers, eight-coach trains are added on the Yellow Line (Jahangirpuri to HUDA city centre) and Blue line (Dwarka Sector-21 to Noida City Centre/Vaishali). Yellow line being the first one with eight coach trains. The power output is supplied by 25-kilovolt, 50-hertz alternating current through overhead catenary. The metro has an average daily ridership of 2.4 million commuters, and, as of August 2010, had already carried over 1.25 billion commuters since its inception.The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has been certified by the United Nations as the first metro rail and rail-based system in the world to get "carbon credits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions" and helping in reducing pollution levels in the city by 630,000 tonnes every year.

The Delhi Metro is being built in phases. Phase I completed 58 stations and 65.0 km (40.4 mi) of route length, of which 13.0 km (8.1 mi) is underground and 52.1 km (32.4 mi) surface or elevated.[citation needed] The inauguration of the Dwarka–Barakhamba Road corridor of the Blue Line marked the completion of Phase I on October 2006. Phase II of the network comprises 124.6 km (77.4 mi) of route length and 85 stations, and is fully completed, with the first section opened in June 2008 and the last line opened in August 2011. Phase III (103 km, 69 stations) and Phase IV (113.2 km) are planned to be completed by 2016 and 2021[citation needed] respectively, with the network spanning 413 km (257 mi) by then.

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