Most Popular Bollywood Item songs of 2012
 Most Popular Bollywood Item songs of 2012
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Most Popular Bollywood Item songs of 2012

Chikni Chameli is the most celebrated Item song of this year. The song created hype before its release and also managed to fulfill the expectations by the audiences. Hot and rowdy moves of Katrina got popular in this remake of Kombli Palali.

Malaika was seen shaking legs on this mujra number after the hit Munni. It was a transformation for Munni to be anarkali in the movie Housefull 2. The song too got popular amongst the audiences.

Claudia made her presence felt on big screen in Khiladi 786, post appearing on popular TV show Bigg Boss. It is said that the only entertaining part from the entire movie is the song O Balma. Though not well choreographed, the song has an x factor that makes it work.

As the original Aaa Ante, this remake version also created waves with revealing Hezal and her moves. The song from the movie maximum, got maximum of listeners and viewers without any good choreography done.

Rani after a long time showed her dancing talent in this year’s Aaiyaa, which was hyped by didn’t worked as per the expectations. The song though did well with the listeners and Rani too danced well with a good choreography done.

The latest from Dabanng 2, the fevicol song can be considered as the last item song from this year. The good bye item song will be definitely a hit one with Salman making presence in the song.

It was Kareena’s first item song of this year, followed by Halkat Jawani and latest Fevicol. It was a mix of an item song with a Mujra touch. The song was the attraction of the movie Agent Vinod.

Aa Re Pritam Pyaare is one of the most well choreographed, well executed and enthusiastic item dance number of this year.Performance by Shakti Mohan, Mariam Zakaria and Mumaith Khan is like a cherry on the pie and these graceful ladies do the perfect justice to the song by their superb dance.
BY:Sarika Mehta
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