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Salman Khan worried about the Box Office fate of ‘Jai Ho’

Posted On : 2014-01-22 05:53:29
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Salman Khan said that he really likes the film and wants it to do well.

Superstar Salman Khan, known for breaking box office records with his every film, says he is concerned about the box office fate of his upcoming release ‘Jai Ho’ as he really likes the film and wants it to do well.

“It is said that the most favourite film of the actor hasn’t worked, so that fear is also there. So far it’s not happened with me, but there will be a time that it will happen. I hope this doesn’t happen with me with this film, because I really like it. The film has a lot of action, comedy, romance etc, and yet is not in the same format as my earlier films,” he said.

‘Jai Ho’: Five reasons why you should watch the Salman Khan starrer

‘Jai Ho’, directed by Sohail Khan, stars Salman, Tabu, Danny Denzongpa, newcomer Daisy Shah, Sana Khan, Suniel Shetty and others. The film, a remake of Telugu flick ‘Stalin’, is set to release on January 24.

Earlier, in an interview to PTI, Salman had said that the space of masala entertainer films is explored too much in Bollywood and the genre will die some day owing to repetition.

The actor said ‘Jai Ho’ did not have frivolous action. “The ‘Wanted’ format is considered as an action film, whereas it is not. They are films with motive, drive and huge emotional content behind them. There is a story to it, it is not random, frivolous action that you kick and the villains are flying out. That format looked good, the films that came in that time like ‘Wanted’, ‘Singham’, ‘Dabangg’ became huge hits,” he said.

Salman feels the movies which are being made in this space now have very little work for heroes while the fighters are doing more. On the other side, the hero in his films is doing everything – from climbing, jumping, fighting, romancing to comedy.

“I have been going through huge problems trying to do all that (action). At 48, to move from ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, to ‘Dabangg’, to all these films, the action is on a different level. There is lot of physical action and I am still doing it despite not being allowed to. They are paying for the film… so we are doing as much as we can do,” he said. Salman said while during a stunt for ‘Bodyguard’, a cable snapped and he fell from 20 feet height on a car, but luckily he was not hurt badly. Similarly, during the stunts of ‘Jai Ho’, a car had to come and bang into Salman and he had to roll over it and hit the windscreen.

“I controlled myself but had I gone with a little more force… I would have gone through the windscreen and would have received a lot of stitches. With the kind of stunts that we do in our movies, anything could go wrong. We try to be careful as much we can,” he added.

Reference : indianexpress
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