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Hundreds of residents of ARDEE CITY Gathered against ARDEE BUILDER

Posted On : 2014-03-24 01:57:11
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Ardee City RWA asked residents to VOTE for Lokshabha candidate who can help them get the issues resolved with the Ardee Builder

Today, Merch 24th, 2014 hundreds of Ardee Residents (Sector 52, Gurgaon) gathered against the ARDEE Builder for charging money for maintenance from last 6 month and not providing the facilities as was promised. Ardee City, which is at the heart of the Gurgaon city has seen neglect from Ardee CVuilder and from Haryana Government from last 10 years. RWA along with residents today came out against the injustice done to them from last ten years by the ARDEE Builder.

RWA wants to take this agitation to the next level and wants to carry out demonstration in front of house of the builder in Delhi and have asked to VOTE for the leader who can help them get the local ARDEE city issues resolved.

Recently there was no water & electricity for 48 hrs and that led to several meetings of the residents.In on of the meeting the next steps decided were

a. The members should stop payment at the enhanced rates of maintenance charges @1686/-pm per unit with immediate effect. Only Rs 365 should be paid as maintenance charges

b. Regarding the security item, RWA decided to take it in its own hand.

c. It was also decided that we should insist on refund from the Ardee Management of the excess amount paid for promised services, which have not been delivered. A legal notice would be issued to Ardee management, demanding refund and also asking for details of expenditure incurred in the last 6 months.

d.One of the members also raised the point that RWA should start collecting funds for undertaking the road repairs in place of payment to Ardee for maintenance.

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